Indie Game Development as Relaxation

It came across my mind that developing a small game could be beneficial as a method of relaxation. I enjoy developing software and it tends to relax me as it’s something productive. I’m not someone who enjoys laying around doing nothing; I always have to do something

I figured that instead of wasting time on playing video-games or just watching YouTube I could be more productive. Developing a game would be a constructive use of my time as well as a possible (more on this later) source of income. I have a few friends here at SUNY Poly that may want a slice of this pie and could help fast-track the development. I know that I could *probably* do every job in developing a game, but I know I am lacking in the art and scripting side of it.

About the possible income….
I currently reside at SUNY Poly, but that means any work I do technically belongs to the school because it would be on their property using their resources (internet, power, etc.). I am trying to move out and if I can that would solve this issue. I though that maybe I could do all of the work on could services either hosted by myself elsewhere or by AWS. 

I guess we’ll see where this goes over the next couple of weeks.

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