This is my story of coming out to my family

Backstory of Family Members:
Sister 1:
First family member I came out to, who didn’t believe me at first, then said I’m not who she used to know. It hurt because she’s 3 years younger than me and she used to be my best friend. We would share memes, vent to each other and enjoy life. She’s avoided talking to me since then.
The second family member I came out to. We were strawberry picking as a family, and afterwards we always go to Walmart. While in Walmart, my parents said I should get my hair cut. I politely declined and they became quite curious why. I decided to drive my mom home while everyone else went in the main car. I showed her my watchface (Trans flag) but she didn’t know what it was. I told her it was the trans flag, and that I’m trans. She also didn’t believe me at first, but when she did she got really sad and started crying. She asked all of the cliché questions people ask when someone comes out. “So do you like boys or girls?” “Do you want to get the Surgery™?” “But there were no signs!” etc… She said that God made me a boy and that this is arguing with God. I’ve tried explaining multiple times to her that God made me exactly how I am. She says I’m just confused because I don’t have a girlfriend. Now she just get’s super defensive when I bring it up.”
He pretty much went along with my mom 100%. After my mom and I got home, we told him. He thought this was wrong, and tried to get me to do masculine things with him to prove I’m not trans. This conversation went on along with my mom and they ended up saying the things I like to do and how I like to present doesn’t make up my gender. Then they go and say “what about all the masculine things you like?” The Monday after I got back home (MY home) my dad called me in tears asking me to just go back home. He said he would buy a house nearby that I could live in and we would meet with people to “fix” me. He wanted me to drop college, my friends, my job, and my contracted rent. He then said that “Transgender is a made-up word”, which took all of my self-control to not blurt out “ALL words are made-up”. He also said there’s no science to back up being trans, which at that point i mentally said “fuck it” and let him finish his rant and say goodbye.
My grandmother makes me cards every week, and they’re really impressive. I delayed telling her, but she found out though other means. I spend a day talking with her about my situation. Both she and my mom hate that I want to change my name and they REFUSE to call me anything other than my deadname. My deadname means a lot to them as it’s from old family members who were super influential to the family. She asked me tons of questions, which I carefully answered. She asked “What if Mrs. meets you and she doesn’t want to be with another girl?” and I replied “If she really is my soulmate, she would love ME, not my body.” and my grandmother was surprised by that answer and she agreed. However, when I was in Walt Disney World in August with my family, I broke down and went back to the hotel room. She called me and explained that I’m just confused and I need to find help. Then I tried talking to my mom, who said the same thing. She still sends me cards, addressed to my deadname of course.
Sister 2:
She’s 12, and my parents told me not to come out to her. One day I had enough and I called her. I told her and her immediate reaction was “It’s your life, not theirs” (referring to our parents). At the end of the call, she said she just wants her brother back. A couple days before our trip to Disney, the two of us went for a ride. We talked about it a lot and she seemed to become way more accepting. She’s been treating me like her actual sister and I freaking love it! She soo sweet and I love her to bits.
Adorable 9-year-old. He’s a mini-me. He loves most of the things that I do such as Fallout, Doctor Who, engineering, etc. My parents told me not to come out to him either, but the night before our Disney trip, we sat in my parents’ driveway looking at the stars. I explained my trans-pride pin from the perspective of supporting them. I asked him what if I was a girl, would we still be buddies? He said yes, and I told him. He was taken back by the news, but he was kind about it.
Bit more story:
As I changed my name on social media, my parents banned those platforms from my siblings. This included Discord, which we used for chatting A LOT. I haven’t been back to my parents’ house since we got back from Disney and I went back to school.
My dad texted me and asked what I’m up to today, he asked if I would like to get lunch with him… which is suspicious.
I agreed, and decided I would make it. He then popped it on my that my whole family would be coming… -_- whatever.
So, now they’ll show up around 6PM, and I’m scared.

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