Walt Disney's Carousel Of Progress

Thank you to my friend John Harlan for being the voice of this podcast.

After the success of Disneyland, Walt Disney planned an area for Main Street called “Edison Square”.

It would feature electrical marvels of technology.

The concept was scrapped because the available technology of the day was not good enough for Disney’s requirements.


After the Edison Square concept, GE kept in touch with Disney. And for the New York World’s Fair they asked him for something similar to the concept.

The resulting show was built using a carousel theater and audio-animatronic actors. It has been the longest running stage show in the history of American theater.

The original show was narrated by Rex Allen and the iconic song was written by Richard and Robert Sherman.

The Pavilion was one of the most-visited in the fair.

After the show there was the “Skydome Spectacular”, a demonstration of nuclear power in excess of 50 Million degrees Fahrenheit.

When the fair was over, the pavilion was torn down and shipped off to Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

They didn’t continue the nuclear demonstrations, but the show continued to go on.

In 1975, the Carousel Of Progress was moved to Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom, but the original building was left in Disneyland.

This move included a ten-year contract with GE to sponsor the attraction, as well as a new theme song.

The new song was changed to “The Best Time Of Your Life” to encourage the sale of GE appliances while replacing Rex Allen with Andrew Duggan as the narrator.

When 1985 came around, GE dropped their sponsorship and the attraction was closed to remove all GE branding. Not much changed after this until 1993 when scenes were updated and Andrew being replaced by Jean Shepherd.

Universal Principle Of Design

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